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Texas Longhorn Skull and Horns

These beautiful horns and skull are from a genuine Texas Longhorn steer and has been processed from start to finish in our own workshop. The horns have been painstakingly cleaned, hand sanded and polished to a deep gloss and after completion they have been mounted onto the cleaned and bleached skull. 

The horns (each horn is aprox 37" long and measure 57" tip to tip) have lovely beauty and colour with a unique difference in the colour of the tip of the left horn. They are ready to mount wherever you like with the attached rear wire loop.

This skull and horns is a chance to own a piece of 'Old West' history and would take pride of place in any setting - in the 'mancave', office, boardroom, bar, restaurant or over the fireplace!  This is a big and impressive skull and photos don't really do it justice; don't hesitate to contact us if you require more information or photos on this product. Please note that the price includes packing and shipping throughout Australia.

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