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Bethel Saddlery

Since 1988 BETHEL SADDLERY has had a reputation in Australia & the USA for building saddles & saddlery to an extremely high standard and finish. Any type of competition Western Saddle or Roping Saddle can be made to your requirements along with Western Stock Saddles. The vast majority of people who are using a BETHEL saddle are those who make their living on horseback. The links below will take you to our custom saddles website: www.bethelsaddlery.com.au

Bethel Saddlery Wade

The traditional WADE saddle is the most popular Western saddle made at BETHEL SADDLERY and the Wade is the first choice of most western horsemen & clinicians. For a lot of years now the BETHEL SADDLERY Wade has also been one of the first choices of horsemen & horsewomen throughout Australia. Michael Bethel was not only inspired by legendary saddle maker Dale Harwood he had the opportunity to learn the finer points of the construction of this iconic saddle from Mr. Harwood. Suitable for stock work, colt starting and just general riding, every slick fork Wade saddle that comes out of the Bethel Saddlery shop is built using the famous Warren Wright rawhide covered saddle trees.The Wade saddle history is interesting and you may enjoy reading a little of the history about this saddle. The Wade Saddle Pricing Page shows most options but please contact us if you have any other requirements.

Bethel Saddlery Western StockThe WESTERN STOCK saddle is perhaps the most innovative and evolutionary saddle in Australia today. This saddle is a hybrid of the traditional Australian Stock Saddle and the American Western saddle. Some people refer to this hard working or Campdraft saddle as a fender stock saddle. Only the very best rawhide covered saddle trees are used in these Western Stock saddles.

The evolutionary WESTERN STOCK Saddle is fast becoming the new traditional Australian stock saddle. A hybrid saddle that combines the best of the Western saddle and the traditional style Australian Stock Saddle, hence the name: 'Western Stock'. This style of saddle really evolved in the northern parts of Australia and has proven itself to stand up to the rigors of hard work in the Australian stock camps is now the saddle of choice for many Australian stockmen and women. 

You will notice that our saddles keep the traditional seat shape and style from the Western saddle that it evolved from but still offers the stirrup leather movement and security that the Australian Stock Saddle provides. All of our saddles are built on handmade wooden trees covered with rawhide for strength - we believe in this traditional way of saddle tree making which has proven itself over hundreds of years to stand the test of time!

Due to the high and increasing demand for our saddles we are also proud to offer to all horsemen and horsewomen our range of HORSESHOE B SADDLERY saddles.

Utilizing the skills of some of the best saddle makers in the country and using the same high quality trees and materials these saddles are made one at a time, by the same saddle maker to the same very high standard that everything made by BETHEL SADDLERY is known for.

This allows a much quicker delivery time then what is usual with a custom made saddle, however the selections of styles is more limited. We have hundreds of these saddles being used all over Australia and also several foreign countries. The Horseshoe B Saddlery Pricing Page shows most options but please contact us if you have any other requirements.