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Horns and Skulls

We own and operate Horseshoe B Longhorns and occasionally have genuine bleached Texas Longhorn skulls and polished horns available for sale. These are from our own cattle and the quantity is very limited. We process the skulls ourselves and they have been through an extensive cleaning, bleaching and finishing process. When you receive the product you can be assured that they will be pristinely clean and odour free. Matter of fact the skulls look like they have been sitting and bleaching since their ancestors walked up the old Chisholm Trail...

The horns and skulls available in this collection were all sourced from cattle stations in Northern Australia are a unique opportunity to obtain a beautiful product that will certainly be a feature wherever they are displayed. They are ready to hang on the wall of your office, den, above the fireplace, in your restaurant, club house, man cave or boardroom.

We do the complete process here in our own workshop and all leather trim is also done by us in the Bethel Saddlery saddle shop.

Below is how we process all of the Horns and Skulls:

Horns - The horns are thoroughly sanded to remove imperfections; they are then polished to a deep gloss that brings out the beautiful and stunning colours - no two are the same. There are absolutely no lacquers applied - the deep & rich gloss is the horn in all its natural glory.

Skulls - The skulls are clean water soaked for several weeks and thoroughly pressure cleaned on several occasions and are soaked again in a final cleansing solution and gives the skull the much desired bleach. After drying, the skulls are given a coat of clear satin finish which not only looks natural but helps seal the outside of the bone.

Skull Mounting - The polished horns are fitted back onto the skull and fixed with screws. A wire loop is attached to the back which allows for easy mounting on a wall.

Board Mounting - The horns are attached to a block that is shaped to fit between the horns and once it’s fixed we cover the centre block with genuine cowhide. The end  trim is either hand-tooled leather or double and stitched hide. The finished horns are then mounted to a matching backing board which has a backing bracket that will allow to securely mount these horns anywhere. This is the traditional way of mounting horns and is found in every old Western Cowboy Saloon.