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An important part of a saddle is the stirrups. After all, from the moment you mount until you dismount you will have your feet in a stirrup. We sell some of the best stirrups available from the finest in stainless steel and brass bound oak stirrups, the beautiful Don Orell stirrups through to practical polished alloy stirrups. Regardless of whether you ride in an Australian style stock saddle or a traditional Wade we will have the stirrup for you. 

A bit more about Don Orrell Stirrups! This is where over 35 years of horse riding experience, western lifestyle, and master crafting meet. All of these stirrups are custom, handmade in the Missouri Ozarks. Because of this, they have access to some of the most desirable wood types for stirrups, like walnut, oak, and hickory, and also utilize local suppliers for beautiful exotic woods.

Stirrups for cowboy work, roping, reining, cutting, barrel racers, campdrafting, trail riding or working in the stock camp - you name it, they make an exceptional stirrup for it.