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Premium Felt Pads

The Diamond Wool range of Felt Pads consists of the Black Gold Performance, Black Gold (fleece-lined) Roper, Contoured Cowboy and the beautiful Sierra Gold Pads. Distressed leather reinforces the contoured spine and they are made with a wither relief notch and beveled cut outs under the distressed wear leathers for a close contact fit. These Pads range in thickness from 1/2" to 1" and are perfect for almost all disciplines.

Premium Felt Pad Size Guide

AW25, BG25, TB10 - 1" thick x 32" long
AW15, BG15, TB05 - 1" thick x 30" long
AW14, TB70, BW75C - 3/4" thick x 30" long 
TB15 - 1/2" thick x 30" long 
TB64C - 3/4" thick x 28" & 30" long