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Frequently Asked Questions


How long have you been making saddles?

We have building saddles since 1988. For more information check out our website: www.bethelsaddlery.com.au

Do you custom make products?

Yes we do - please contact us with your requirements.

Do you sell leather products other than what you make?

Yes we do sell some selected products from quality makers in Australia and overseas. You can rest assured we only select gear that is of a standard that we would be proud to put our own stamp on. Everything that we make is clearly stamped with the BETHEL SADDLERY makers name stamp.

 What leather do you use in your saddlery?

We have been using the finest Hermann Oak Skirting leather for our saddles, saddlery, belts and other associated gear for more than 20 years. We also use burgundy latigo leather for cinch ties and where strong lacing is required. For finer lacing roohide is our first choice. The leather we use in our reins is Hermann Oak's 'Old World' harness leather.

What colour leather do you prefer?

We prefer to use the natural coloured leather due to the fact that it oils up beautifully to a deep golden tan and then mellows off to a golden bronze and darkens more with age. The natural coloured leather is perfect for hand rubbed edges. It would best be described as 'Saddle Tan'. We also use a darker colored leather that we refer to as 'Desert Red' which oils up to a deep rich reddish brown.

How do you finish your leather products?

We use round edge hand tools to finish the edges on all of our products. The edges are then hand rubbed to give a beautiful dark glassy finish. Once a product is made, we oil it with several coats of pure neatsfoot oil and then a finish dressing is applied.

Why do you choose to sell Diamond Wool Saddle Pads?

In our opinion these pads represent some of the best value and the largest selection of quality pads in Australia. We have made a lot of pads ourselves over the years and now are proud to be able to sell this high quality line.

What is your background?

It is from our own 1100 acre property ‘Leahton Park’ situated 10km from Charters Towers that we operate BETHEL SADDLERY and TEXAS LONGHORN WAGON TOURS & SAFARIS as well as the HORSESHOE B LONGHORNS herd.  We have been involved with horses, cattle & saddles all of our lives. We made our first saddle in 1988 and have made and sold 1000's of saddles since.

Why did you build an online shop?

We are proud of the products that we make sell and due to the fact we run our shop on our property out of town we thought an online shop would be a great opportunity for people, regardless of where they are to access some of this quality gear.

Is the shop open to the public?

Yes it is but it's best to contact us by phone prior to visiting.

If you have any questions at all please email them to us at info@bethelsaddlery.com.au and we may even add them to this page.