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Our Webshop

November 02, 2018

Our Webshop

Here are a few words to welcome you to our new Bethel Saddlery online shop. Even though we have been building saddles and making quality saddlery and tack since 1998 - no it doesn't seem like 30 years...  Even though we were one of the first saddle makers in Australia to have our our own website it is only now, close the the end of 2018 that we have finally built ourselves a nice little online shop. Just like the saddles, we build we also build our own websites, online shop and also to our own social media stuff.

Due to being so busy for so long building saddles, gear and also repairing saddles we just never seemed to be able to find the time to do what we have finally done.  We also stay really busy looking after our beautiful property - Leahton Park where we own and operate Texas Longhorn Wagon Tours & Safaris for six months of the year.

Anyone who has built and maintains their own online shop know how much goes into taking photographs, editing them and generally putting the shop together. Anyhow we have finally 'got er done'  and we hope you find something you like. We are still only an email or a phone call away if you want to know more about anything we sell or if you have any comments about the shop, we'd love to hear from you :) 

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